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Think about it. What was the greatest football game you ever witnessed in person. You were there. You breathed the same air as the players. Were freezing your ass off when the game-winning catch was made. A game you’ll tell your kids about one of these days. The question was thrown out to BC writers and correspondents. Of course Kevin The Intern was the only guy to not respond. Remember, he goes to Purdue.

Trevor in Nevada:

I was 21…1991 in Reno… Nevada Wolf Pack vs Weber State…The Pack was about to jump to 1A…Offense was always ripe at Mackey Stadium and Weber State picked apart the always swiss cheese Nevada D and led 42 14…at halftime. It was then that the Chris Vargas era was born. Vargas came in and led the Pack to two scores in the 3rd and 28 points in the 4th….culminating with an onside kick and the game winner with around a minute left. Final 56 49. Nobody has ever forgotten if we were lucky enough to be there.


Nov. 22, 2005, a night game in Bowling Green, Ohio against hated rival Toledo. Weather, as it always is in November, was brutal. The temps were in the teens. This was Bruce Gradkowski’s final regular season MAC game. Omar Jacobs was QBing BG. For the Mid-Am, it was a huge showdown. The Rockets would eventually win 44-41 in 2OT after Gradkowski connected on a 22-yard pass for the game winner. The teams combined for over 1,000 yards of total offense, including 284 rushing yards from UT. No doubt, the best game I’ve ever seen.


It was Christmas Eve 1995. My beloved Green Bay Packers hadn’t won a division championship outright since Lombardi was patrolling the sidelines, but we were certain this was the year. All we had to do was vanquish the 11-4 Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau.

The game ended up coming down to the final play. The Packers were up 24-19, but the Steelers sat on the Packers six-yard line with 16 seconds left. Fourth-and-goal. Neil O’Donnell lofts the game-winning touchdown to a wide open Yancey Thigpen in the back of the end zone.

The entire stadium goes silent as we await certain defeat. And then the unthinkable happens. The ball bounces off Thigpen’s hands and falls harmlessly to the ground. Lambeau Field goes wild. The Packers officially return to prominence. Yancey Thigpen hands us our first NFC Central title of the Mike Holmgren era.

It was the beginning of the end for Yancey Thigpen and the start of something great for Green Bay.


The Greatest Football game I have ever gone to was the BCS National Championship in 2006 where it was Florida versus Ohio State.  My dad volunteers for the Fiesta Bowl (not one of those guys that took money) and had the fortune of spending the whole week with the Army’s Black Knights parachute team this particular year.  Since my dad was working with the Army the Fiesta Bowl offered him 3 tickets to the game.  These weren’t even good tickets, they were bad.  Seriously really bad, it was the last row in the nose bleeds.  For a month we had these tickets and everyone kept asking us if my brother dad and I were going to sell the tickets.  For me, I wanted to go because of the chance and experience.  When the hell would I ever be able to go to one of these games.  I knew my school Arizona State would never go, so I wanted to take advantage of this.

My experiences of a real football game include 30,000 fans turning out to watch Arizona Cardinal games in a college stadium that seats 75,000.  As a student at Arizona State watching the student section the first game go from about 5,000 kids to 2,000 by the last game which was against our instate rival University of Arizona.  Not the best experiences that people get in the east coast or the SEC.  So the chance to see a “real” football game was worth not selling the ticket before the game.  My dad, brother and I drive out to the game a few hours before because one, the stadium is BFE (butt f*cking Egypt) and my dad had to be in the stadium on the field with the Army.  My brother and I had a chance to walk around and man was it crazy.  I’ve never seen fans so passionate in my life.  Both schools had their bands walking around hours before the game started marching, in place and playing their fight songs.  People dressed all silver and others dressed all blue.  The scalpers outside of the game were throwing around a few G’s like it was nothing and everyone had some stupid sign saying how they flew or drive over a million miles to make it to this game.  As my brother and I start to make it to the security checkpoint before you get into the game a guy comes out of nowhere screaming any one selling tickets.  My younger brother wanted to sell, so it was we all sell the tickets or no one sells a ticket.  The guy a Florida fan looks at the ticket and offers $750.  We balk at the offer and now he offers $1,000 per ticket.  My brother, dad want to sell, I did not.  I wanted to experience the game.  I tell my dad and brother no, they get pist and lose it and reluctantly go into the game with me.  Once we get up to our nose bleed seats which felt like we were a mile away I find myself sitting next to this really good looking woman.  Drunk as hell she keeps talking about this crap second string quarterback for Florida names Tim Tebow and how he will be the greatest player ever in college and will dominate the sport once Chris Leak the current starting quarterback left.

The game starts out pretty exciting, as Ted Ginn Jr. takes the opening kick off back for a touchdown.  After that Florida then pounded Ohio State and won the game very easily.  However even though Florida won 41-14 the game day experience was amazing.  The Ohio State fans started the O-H-I-O chant around the stadium and to my amazement without the PA guy telling them to, or cheerleaders starting it.  Out in Arizona sports the PA guy has to tell fans when to get excited or cheer defense! defense!.  It terms on play on the field it sucked, but the game was nothing I have ever seen before and will never forget.

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