Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader Brooke Sorenson To Marry Laynce Nix [PHOTOS]


This news has been buried within the WAG world for many months, but it now comes to light within the sports blogosphere that journeyman outfielder Laynce Nix will be marrying the legendary Cowboys cheerleader Brooke Sorenson (five year member of DCC). Gentlemen, we’re talking about a guy who has 64 career MLB HRs. A .246 career average. In other words, there is hope. We’ve got the registry & more on Laynce using baseball to hit the chick lottery.

Going through our normal channels of cheerleader Twitter accounts for the start of the NFL season, we noticed a name that jumped out at us – Brooke Nix.

Then we saw this exchange with Zach Geinke’s wife, Emily, who has blazed quite a path in the MLB WAG world.

Greinke: @BrookeNix already taking the last name?!? I thought Laynce should be Sorenson :-)

Sorenson: @EmilyGreinke haha ya well I didn’t want to start a twitter with Sorenson for only another month. Ha. Hotel calls him Mr. Sorenson haha

Greinke: @BrookeNix hopefully his stalkers aren’t reading this tweet!

Not stalkers, ladies, just looking for a blog post. Anyway, research tells us that the Sorenson-Nix nuptials take place in November and you can buy the lovely couple a gift from Crate & Barrel.

Lots of cheap, Chinese-made items to choose from.

So to recap, Laynce Nix has had a 64 HR career, somehow hooks up with a Cowboys cheerleader while a member of the Texas Rangers and now, as his career dwindles, he’s marrying Ms. Sorenson. That, fellas, is one helluva run.

Kudos, kids.

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