Mardy Fish’s Wife Stacey Gardner Goes Back To Obscurity [PHOTOS]


We promised @Sportsking77 that we’d run a gallery of Mardy Fish’s wife Stacey Gardner. Poor Sportsking77. Dude has pumped out 2,500+ tweets and only has 25 followers. That’s it. And a few of those are spam bots. So this is like a Twitter dream come true for Sportsking77.

A day to gloat. A day to tell his bros how powerful he is on Twitter. A day to stare at Mardy’s wife. The guy claims Stacey is hotter than Brooklyn Decker. Seriously. 

Just an example of how our boy @Sportsking77 got to that 2,500 tweet mark:

@sexycindytaylor Are You Watching Sports Center Naked.

Attaboy, go in for the kill. Twitter sex her. They love that stuff, especially when you throw in a Sports Center reference.

BTW, Mardy this week was, yet again, knocked out of the U.S. Open.

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