Florida Cheerleader Coach Be ‘Incinerating’ Fight, Fuzz Alleges [VIDEO]

You know how Doc Gooden and Gary Sheffield were related to half of Tampa? Like every time a rookie came up to the majors, announcers would be like, “Here’s Nook Logan making his Major League debut. Little known fact, he’s Gary Sheffield’s cousin.” Yeah, pretty much everyone in Florida is related to each other. Anyway, good luck trying to follow along with this Florida youth football cheerleading brawl story.

The local Tampa i-Team at ABC Action News sent its boy Don Germaise to get to the bottom of what happened in a St. Petersburg, Florida parking lot.

Posted: Just uploaded it.

Premise of Video: Yolanda Jones was the only adult arrested after the fight at JC Turner Field in South St. Petersburg. Jones told police she was trying to protect her cheerleader daughter who had come under attack. The coach, who is also Jones’ daughter, said she joined the fight too. “We started fighting, because that other girl didn’t like my mouth,” said Darricka Maddox.

Climax of Video: Huge fans of the game announcer going Mike Tyson and trying to use instigate in a sentence. Instead, you get incinerated.

Conclusion: So if Yolanda Jones was only adult arrested, yet Maddox was arrested, and has a baby hanging on her, she’s under 18? And is she the coach? A teen mother coaching cheerleading and fighting with unknown combatants at a football game? That’s the kinda shit that Viacom/MTV/BET/VH1 could make millions off of. So many storylines. Just imagine the episode when Darricka figures out her daddy is really Bobby Bonilla!