Ana Ivanovic Unleashes Pythons On U.S. Open [BC Gun Show Gallery]

Yes, Ana Ivanovic lost Monday in straight sets to Serena Williams. But who wants to gander at Serena’s gun boats that, frankly, scare the shit out of most men. Combine the caboose and the Serena guns and men will not click. Ivanovic is a different story. She’s Serbian (so damn exotic to American men) and just 23.

This makes her a perfect candidate for a Gun Show.

Via the S.F. Chronicle:

Like Marilyn Monroe in the the ’50s film, Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams – playing in a quarterfinals match Tuesday – had to contend with blasts of wind that threatened to cause wardrobe malfunctions. Ivanovic especially seemed vexed by gusts blowing her skirt up, but kept smiling as she struggled to keep the material from billowing.

Yankees Open Libyan Rebel Training Center [Morning Twitpic]
Yankees Open Libyan Rebel Training Center [Morning Twitpic]
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