Alexa Flutie’s Boyfriend Has Longest Greek Name In Canadian Football History [PHOTOS]


Doug Flutie made a minor news ripple in Canada Monday after showing up at a football game in London, Ontario. It wasn’t a Canadian Football League game. Instead, Flutie was in town for a Western Ontario game. Yeah, that’s a Canadian college.

It seems his daughter, Alexa, is dating some dude from Massachusetts (Peter Giannikopoulos) who is playing Canadian college football. Relationship killer, bro.

According to the local fish wrap:

The Mustangs took on the Waterloo Warriors Monday in an Ontario university game.

Giannikopoulos was hurt and didn’t play.

“Alexa was coming up anyway and we were going to spend time together, so we decided to come up no matter what,” Flutie said.

If you haven’t been following along, Alexa is preparing to make her 2011 NFL debut as a New England Patriots cheerleader. In other words, her career is about to take off while the Greek dude she’s dating is stuck in Canada playing college football.

We’ve heard of relationships meant to fail and then we’ve heard of relationships meant to fail because a dude plays Canadian college football. What, Akron or Kent State not looking for a WR?

Anyway, we went snooping and found that Big P has opened a Twitter account that seems to be his form of communication with his infamous girlfriend. One tweet so far and it’s to Doug’s daughter. Three followers: Alexa, Coco & OchoCinco.

We’ll keep tabs on these crazy kids. Honestly, we hope Big Pete rips up the Ontario league and gets a shot at transferring to West Virginia State or maybe even Vermont.

[Was that Doug Flutie on the field?]


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