NCAA Cheerleader Power Rankings Week One: USC Vs. Oregon! [PHOTOS]

While most football blogger dorks are busy taking part in some sort of “blogger college football rankings” dork-fest, Busted Coverage was busy last night compiling the first known NCAA Cheerleader Power Ranking list. As if anyone cares who we think the #1 football team in the nation is. We track the pageviews around these parts. When Oregon plays on national television, you guys are searching for Oregon cheerleaders.

Hence, NCAA Cheerleader Power Rankings: Week One.

The idea is simple: rank the college cheerleader programs based on performance, team performance & oddities that earn each program special points. 10 teams are recognized each week of the regular season.

#1 USC

The Song Girls are officially back. After a few down years, the program is back on track with a slew of blondes and fewer ugly, gangly chicks. The football program might be on probation, but that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t win their own national championship.

#2 Oregon

Should the Ducks be #1? Yes, but until the bronzer wears off the #2 spot is where the ladies must reside. Look, being unnatural and phony is what got the Song Girls into trouble back in ’07. Even with the bronzer issue, the team nearly pulled off the #1 spot with this tweet re: Mark Cuban.

#3 Oklahoma

If you’ve been following the Daily Dump, you’d know this spot is deserved.

#4 Maryland

Twitter Nation is buzzing today over the football team’s Under Armour jerseys. As for the cheerleaders, “White Maryland cheerleader uniforms on a rainy night. Somebody got the uniform right,” writes @ScalpEmOfficial.

#5 Southern Miss

It seems the cheerleading program will roll on despite a secondary NCAA violation where a cheerleader attended a baseball recruit signing. The kid was related to the cheerleader, but it’s a violation nonetheless.

#6 West Virginia

If you survive lighting in the area and aren’t remotely as ugly as the Michigan or Notre Dame cheerleaders, you get the #6 spot.

#7 Boise State

Here are the Boise cheerleaders wearing helmets as they learn how to properly use a Segway in Atlanta.

#8 Auburn

The locals are amazed by the addition of “a gorgeous chocolate cheerleader,” to the 2011 squad.

#9 LSU

Sorry to hear that the team had to cheer Saturday night at Jerry’s Palace without coach Chico Garcia. Did you wonder what those Chico signs were during GameDay? The guy was seriously injured in a boating accident just a week before the Oregon game.

#10 University of Texas at San Antonio

Kudos to the Roadrunner cheerleaders who now actually have something to do in the fall besides perfect their basketball performances. The school’s football program debuted with a victory in front of an NCAA record crowd. You ladies are a few raunchy Facebook photos away from moving up to at least #5. Let’s make it happen.