Prince Fielder, T-Plush & Brew Crew Cowboy Up On Flight To St. Louis [PHOTOS]


The Milwaukee Brewers are rolling their way to a N.L. Central title and remind many observers of the 2004 Boston Red Sox who rode the ‘Idiots’ mantra to a World Series title, the team’s first since 1918. Of course we all know that the Brewers franchise has never won a World Series so wearing cowboy gear on the plane ride last night from Houston to St. Louis should make the loyalists happy.

Manager Ron Roenicke advised his team to have an outfit ready for the ride.


“It’s not about staying loose for the Cardinals,” left fielder Ryan Braun said. “It’s just staying loose in general. By this time in the season everything has been the same for months. Same routine, same travel, same collared shirt. It’s a good time to mix things up a little.”

For the particularly cynical Brewers fans who conjure the memory of the team’s 2001 “Sweep Suits,” the garish get-up players wore after a June sweep of the Cubs that was followed by a precipitous plunge in the standings, Loe advised everybody to lighten up.

“It’s [just] a plane trip. We’re still going to be the same guys on the field. … It’s not a lack of respect at all. Baseball, for most of its history, has been fun on the field, guys goofing around. It’s part of the game and part of why America loves it.”

Of course it’s just a bunch of guys goofing around. But would somebody help Prince Fielder and his cowboy pose. Not exactly sure what’s going on with that right hand. We think he’s trying to go thumb in the tight Wranglers, but it’s a total miss. And how will T-Plush work this into one of his post-game interviews? So many storylines here. By the way, the Cards are 9.5 out.

LaRussa isn’t laughing.

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