National Buffalo Wing Festival: Porkers Pig Out & Sonya Thomas Eats 183 Wings! [PHOTOS]


Want to know the greatest festival on Earth, according to men who love chicken wings? It has to be the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

Over 80,000 congregated in Buffalo this weekend for the 10th Annual Wing Festival where conneseurs came for the grub and the nostalgia that comes with eating a drum in the birthplace of the chicken wing. More than 33 tons of wings were served
from 36 different vendors from around the country. There were Canadian Maple Cinnamon wings. 7-Alarm wings. DOA or Ridiculously Hot wings. And lots of beefy humans ready to pound said wings.

The festival also brings together the biggest names in competitive eating for the chicken wing eating championship.

During the wing eating contest, Sonya Thomas aka The Black Widow, claimed her fourth consecutive title by downing a record 183 wings in 12 minutes. Finishing in second place was the #1 competitive eater in the world Joey Chestnut,
who hosed 174 wings. Sonya’s wing total weighed in at 6.43 pounds.

Love wings and all that they mean to us fat Americans? Enjoy watching people walking around with wing sauce stains on their Jorts? This isĀ  a Labor Day Weekend trip you won’t regret.

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