Star Wars Dorks Invade Giants Game Sunday: Obligatory Slave Leia Gallery


Hey, we’re as big of Star Wars fan as the next guy… unless the next guy is the guy attending Star Wars Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Sunday.

That’s right. The San Francisco Giants will host a dork day for Star Wars geeks.

At least it’s not a Magic: The Gathering, uh… gathering.

Fans who bought tickets to this now sold out event get seats in a special Star Wars section, access to a pregame costume party (which will surely be wicked awesome!), a Star Wars/Giants-themed item, and a postgame screening of The Empire Strikes Back.

Good choice on screening Episode V, but the Star Wars/Giants-themed item appears to be a plastic triangle with Han Solo frozen in carbonite on one side, Giants closer Brian Wilson frozen in carbonite on another and the Star Wars and Giants logos on the third.

Uh… great piece for the mantle!

Ironically, most of the men who’ll be attending Star Wars Day have had their penises figuratively frozen in carbonite most of their lives.

If you’re looking for an upside to this event, there will probably be a few decent-looking Slave Leias in the crowd, which segues nicely into this gallery.

Who’s scruffy lookin’?

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