Proof: Certain LSU Women Are Dumber Than The Average Woman [Video]

Our fascination with LSU fans is well documented. Whether it’s little kids drinking like rock stars or making it rain at a tailgate, LSU fans know how to throw a party. We respect that. You know why Missouri fans bore us and are ignored by the national bloggers?

Because they’re boring white people who don’t play with baby alligators, hold cameras and document a chick trying to get a kiss from the baby gator. That’s LSU. That’s the passion.

Posted: Aug. 27, 2011

Premise of Video: Claudia gets a little drunk on whatever jungle juice they be drinkin’ down on The Bayou. Anyway, Claudia gets egged on by the boys to give that gator a kiss. Caress its head. And then stick out her tongue.

Climax of Video: Gator has had enough of these shenanigans. SNAP@!@

Conclusion: You poseurs across the country who think your school has passionate fans have nothing on LSU. These people are crazy, shoot the greatest YouTube videos and drink until they do abnormal activities. Just another feather in the cap for Claudia and her cohorts. Kudos, folks.