Sarasota Football Ref Attacked In Violent Brawl! [VIDEO]

Here we are preparing for a vacation to Sarasota over the holiday weekend. Heard something about a tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico. Time to check the Sarasota newspaper for the latest. Then, there it was. A football player form tackling a referee.

You know this isn’t the first time a ref has been attacked in Sarasota, right?

Posted: Aug. 31, 2011

Premise of Video: (via Sarasota Herald-Tribune) “It started with a disputed call, followed by some disgruntled coaches throwing water bottles at the referees. What happened next, captured on video and now being investigated by authorities, is shocking: more than a dozen youth football coaches and players attacking at least one referee, including a player in full gear except for his helmet flying into a referee and tackling him to the ground.”

Climax of Video: The tackle speaks for itself. Watch the one dude kicking the ref while he’s on ground getting pummeled.

Conclusion: Jump to your own conclusions. Is it time for black coaches to step up and act like adults? You ever see Snoop acting like a fool, throwing water bottles at a ref? Not us. That guy smokes a blunt, watches his kids play some football and heads home to the crib to break down game tape. Time to take the cue, Sarasota.

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