NFL’s Brainiest Cheerleader: Falcons’ Taiwanese Import Cindy L. [Photos]

All NFL cheerleaders are dopey. That was the perception 10-15 years ago as the league was going through its bloated bangs and laughable cheek makeup stage. The league is making strides in the cheerleader department. Whether it’s grandmothers shaking it. Or famous MLB manager daughters. Or Doug Flutie’s offspring. Now comes news that the Taiwanese/Chinese are invading our shores with brainy cheerleaders. Meet Cindy L.

Need a Scrabble partner? Looking for an engineer who can speak Chinese? And shake it on Sundays? Folks, more than likely, you are laying eyes on the chick who’ll run the entire Home Depot China company within 10 years. Just a rookie, once Arthur Blank figures out that he has an emerging genius within his cheerleading ranks, Cindy L. will most likely disappear and be sent back to China where she’ll engineer the world’s first 18-story Home Depot.

Shovels? 8th floor. The entire floor. Like 3200 sq. ft. of them. Chinese, not even remotely safe for the environment, weed killer? 437 choices on the 16th floor.

Cindy L. Profile:

• Georgia Tech student

• NFL rookie

• Studying Industrial and Systems Engineering

• Parents think Matty Ice is horrible Taiwanese beer from back in the late 90s

• Considering MBA in supply chain engineering

• Says she’s single, but taken

• Loves “Hello Kitty”

Do you know a brilliant NFL cheerleading mind that deserves credit for combining her two-piece abilities with her bookworm-ish-ness? Taking candidates.

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[Cheer Q&A: Cindy L.]

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