Meet The Hottest Gun-Toting Wisconsin Badgers Fan [Photos]


The Wisconsin Badgers kick off their 2011 season this evening against UNLV.

In honor of Bucky beginning the quest for this year’s Big 10 title, we went out and found the hottest Wisconsin Badgers fan we could.

As a Wisconsinite myself, I can tell you Wisconsin broads are not your typical dainty, bitchy, let’s-go-shopping types. They like sports, they don’t mind getting their hands dirty, they cuss like a sailor, they can drink you under the table and they like the outdoors.

Other than being a rabid Badgers fan, we don’t know much about this particular woman, but we’re pretty sure her name is Holli and she grew up in Green Bay.

We’re also pretty sure she’d kick your fat, lazy ass.

If anyone knows more, please send us an email.

In the meantime, check out this gallery. If you dig hot chicks with guns, well, then today is your lucky day!

[Holli on Twitter]

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