How ‘Sports Bloggers’ Make Asses Out Of Themselves: Peyton Hillis Jr. Case Study

The four year anniversary of Busted Coverage is coming up in December and if one thing stands out over all those years, it would be the mass number of pretenders who think they know this business. They think BC was started with big corporate money. Big advertising deals. Not remotely true. The only way up the blog ladder was to be smart, creative and make people take notice.

Take the obscure and make it interesting. Hence, Peyton Hillis Jr. 

Earlier this week we introduced you to a video of some random high school running back absolutely unloading on a defensive back. We didn’t have a name, school or even the knowledge that this video wasn’t from 2003, 1997 or 2011.

Here’s what we knew:

• Dude is white.

• Dude plays running back position.

• Dude trucked an opponent into Week 7.

• And dude was eventually tackled near the goal line like most every giant white, bruising running back.

Hence, Peyton Hillis Jr. Our imagination. A creative. Giving life to some random YouTube video. 

That’s when the Internet goons did their thing.

Truth be told, you morons, that is Benjamin Stone Adams of Danbury (O.) High School. The kid isn’t even a running back. He’s an offensive lineman who only received a single rush in this victory over St. Wendelin. Ben checks in at 6-1, 214 lbs. Wears #59. Plays the middle linebacker position and had 9 tackles in this game.

See, we did some investigating. It sometimes pays off.

[Peyton Hillis Jr.: BC All-American Sledgehammer Team [Video]

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