Gilbert Brown Lingerie Football Halftime Speech Is Goosebumpy [Video]

Our old friends at Off The Bench posted a Lingerie Football League story this week about how the ladies kicked off the season with a Minnesota vs. Green Bay game featuring a couple Lambeau Leaps. While that was noteworthy, the video also gave us the very first Gilbert Brown halftime speech. The team was down 14-13.

Gilbert sensed that his post-game victory pizza was slipping away. X-tra large meaty deep dish. Hot sausage & pepperoni scents tickling his nose. Ice cream for dessert. Time to react. Lombardi-style!

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: Packers legend, as we mentioned earlier this summer, Gilbert Brown got the Green Bay Chill coaching job because of his name and desire to win championships. This guy lives football. Put his name on the line with a league featuring slutty outfits and unnecessary eye black patches. First game and this is his speech.

Climax of Video: “This…Is…The…Dream…You’ve….Been…Waiting…For.”

Conclusion: Gilbert didn’t get his victory pizza. His team lost.

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