8 Best Twitter Reactions To LeBron’s Son & His Turtle Backpack

LeBron James is on a retweet spree this morning on Twitter. It was his boy, Bryce’s, first day of school and the turtle backpack made its debut at some Miami private school of learning. Good for this kid. He’s going to need Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skills if his daddy chokes in the NBA Finals when the league ends its lockout.

“Daddy, the kids at school keep saying you can’t hit a 3-pointer with Dirk in your face.”

That is a $46 Mutant Ninja Turtle pack. Buy it on Amazon. It gets 4.5 stars. Gets great reviews.

I got this backpack for college, and have loved it from the moment it was delivered. It’s more spacious than one would think, and has plenty of room to hold multiple textbooks. It also has a laptop sleeve which holds a 13′ laptop very nicely, and can hold a 15′ as well, though there is a little bit of stress on the zipper. The interior also has pockets for pencils and other such things, the velcro pocket is the perfect size for notecards.

Look, morons, if you are wearing a Ninja Turtle to college don’t come crying to us when getting your ass kicked is the norm. On Bron Bron’s child it’s a winner. Just look at the peace sign. The white collar shirt. Freshly cut ‘do.

Gotta hand it to Bron. He got Gloria and the rest of the fam out of the ‘hood and into Turtle backpacks. If nothing else in his life, he’ll always have this moment in time when he knew his boy made it. Made it to the top of the mountain. Strapped on that Backpack with happiness on his face. Happiness that his iPad will fit in the special compartment. Happy that his daddy is still in his life. Happy that the kids haven’t started making fun of his daddy. Happy that he’ll come home and have a full fridge of pudding snack packs and Gatorade.



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