Singletary Jr. Unabated: BC All-American Sledgehammer Team [Video]

Want to know what what pisses off junior high football coaches? Missed assignments that lead to his running back being destroyed. It’s that simple. So imagine our glee when this YouTube video was uploaded today. Say hello to Mike Singletary Jr. Not the real one. We’re not even sure there is one. But this is Singletary-esque in its level of pain and destruction. Prepare to hear the crowd gasp at this collision. 

Say hello to the third member of the Busted Coverage All-American Sledgehammer Team.


Posted: Aug. 30, 2011

Premise of Video: The vlogger says this is Irondale Middle School. The rest of the details are fuzzy. No name so we can’t properly award this linebacker with his honorary sledgehammer helmet sticker.

Climax of Video: We’re pretty sure there was a missed assignment.

Conclusion: C’mon, kid. Gotta audible out of that.

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