Oregon Cheerleaders Blasted With Bronzer For 2011 Poster Shoot [Photos]

The college football season kicks off Thursday night with scrub teams battling BCS conference doormats. In other words it’s going to be a boring night of college football. The real deal happens Saturday in Dallas when LSU meets Oregon. Of course that means that the Ducks’ cheerleaders will also be making their 2011-12 debut.

Last night the ladies were busy shooting a poster & being covered in a very, very dark bronzer.

According to Be Bronze LLC, via Twitter:

Are you a University of Oregon fan? We are! Their cheerleaders were tanned tonight with B.Bronz for their poster shoot! GO DUCKS!

Eh, ladies, we love you but it might be time to back off that bronzer just a bit. That message goes out specially to above/left/center & you far right.

Look, there isn’t a cheerleading squad in the U.S. that can possibly compete with the Eugene chicks when it comes to looks, outfits, abilities and talent. No competition. But we’re not big fans of the fake leathery look. Let it wear off. We hear Musburger likes his cheerleaders a little Montana-ish, with the complexion of a birch tree.


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