Greatest Moments In Sammy Sosa White Face: Making It Rain [Photos]


Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa and his white face are at it again.

Sosa was in New York on Sunday at Lavo, where he was caught standing next to some hot blond and stuffing dollar bills in a belly dancer’s skirt. The woman he’s with is not his wife, Sonia… not that we’re insinuating anything.

Perhaps more importantly, Sosa, who used to be black, is still walking around with his Michael Jackson-esque white skin. White Sammy Sosa, who first appeared in late 2009, has attributed his lightness to a skin cream he’s used for some time.

The cream is allegedly supposed to rejuvenate the skin, not make it white. Sosa claims the cream, combined with camera flashes just make him look that way.

Maybe it’s time to stop using the creme White Sammy Sosa.

[SAMMY SOSA’S Belly, Belly Good Night! – TMZ]

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