At Least She Went Home With A Yankees Souvenir Black Eye [Video]

Make sure you burn some company bandwidth this morning before MLB video goons take this video of Foul Ball Lady off YouTube. Ever sit in the outfield seats and watch people get peppered with foul balls in the first and third base stands? Of course you do. And you’re always wondering if anyone got hurt, right? Of course.

It’s our normal reaction because we love car wrecks, horrible injury videos & people getting hit in the face with foul balls.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Eric Chavez, a formerly slick fielding third baseman, comes over to make a decent play in the stands. The fans scatter as if Hurricane Irene is about to plaster them with raw sewage sea foam. Foul Ball Lady just hopes Chavez can make the catch.

Climax of Video: Ball contacting eye.

Conclusion: Raw sewage hitting you in the eye or that ball? Your choice.


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Best Hurricane Irene Reporter Interview – EVER! [Video]
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