Peyton Hillis Jr.: BC All-American Sledgehammer Team [Video]

It’s kinda sad when YouTube uploaders don’t provide viewers with more information about the subject of their videos. For example, take this video of a high school football game. Here is the headline: “Laker football crazy football hit ben adams.” That’s it. So is the running back named Ben Adams? No. We’re calling him Peyton Hillis Jr.

You are about to see a defensive back get jacked into Week 8 via Jr.’s shoulder shot.

Posted: Aug. 28, 2011

Premise of Video: DB thinks he’s going to come all the way across the field and make a tackle. It’s probably the worst decision the kid has made in the early high school season.

Climax of Season: Dude gets trucked. Look at Hillis just swatting him like a flea.

Conclusion: Once we get a name, Twitter account, Facebook photos, etc. we’ll properly award Hillis Jr.