Jim Tressel Speaks: Still Loves Pryor & Wants To Look Forward

Jim Tressel is breaking out of his cocoon thanks to the beginning of the 2011 college football season and the fact that Donna Shalala was in bed with a Miami-based scumbag. A few tattoos and lying to the NCAA doesn’t look as bad when there are plenty of scumbags stealing The Vest’s thunder. Jim went on Cleveland’s ESPN affiliate Friday to talk about his love of Terrelle Pryor and what Jim will do on Saturdays in Sept. Brought a tear to our eye.

Via Sports Radio Interviews, via 850 ESPN:

How weird it will be for him to have Saturday’s off:

“It is odd because someone asked me yesterday when was the last time I had a Saturday in September when I wasn’t on a sideline? Probably when I was four or five years old might be the last time. It will be a little different but I have so many people that I have relationships with that are on the sideline. Whether they are right here in Columbus, another NFL city, all the cities in Ohio, or some of my guys out as head coaches in the college ranks so I still have strong extensions onto the sidelines. It’s gonna be fun to have a chance to admire their work.”

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, more than half the coaches responding to a poll by the Cleveland Plain Dealer said they wouldn’t wear a tie this past Friday night to honor Vest. In other words, Vest thinks he has friends, but actually those are only people who eat burgers at Graffiti Burgers in Columbus.

If he regrets the way he treated Terrelle Pryor:

“Oh no. I think you always have to treat the young people under your care with love and I will never change that. That’s always going to be the way. To me, love conquers all. Would we like to have had some different things occur along the way? Of course. When you’re playing quarterback you make a lot of decisions, when you’re a star on a stage the size of Ohio State you can make some decisions, when you’re a coach at Ohio State you make hundreds of decisions and all of them are not perfect.

Maintaining his connection with Ohio State till the day he dies. Never cut off the hand that’s going to eventually feed you for years to come. Never sink the ship. Never deep six Terrelle Pryor who could care less about Ohio State University.

Stop the insanity, Jim.

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