Best Hurricane Irene Reporter Interview – EVER! [Video]


What have we learned this weekend about the live TV coverage of Hurricane Irene? Oh, that Americans just found a new reason to get really drunk. While TV stations were busy whipping the locals into a frenzy with “end-of-the-world” scenarios, Americans were stocking up on liquor.

In Baltimore, the storm was so out of control that this chick was thrown on TV to tell what she was up to last night. 

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Reporter dude at WJZ heads to Fells Point (Baltimore) for “reporter on the street in the middle of tropical storm rains,” report. Keith’s (no idea what his name is) job is to find a person on the street that is in grave danger and can properly freak out suburban housewife.

Climax of Video: “Hi. Hi. Tell me what you’re doing?” And then we get an honest answer. “I’m getting drunk.”

Conclusion: Kudos to WJZ for winning our Best Hurricane Irene Interview award. It only took three words. Short, simple, honest. Take notes, TV reporter morons.

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