What If Eli Manning Were Any Whiter Than He Was Today In NYC? [Photos]


Bless his heart, Eli Manning tries so damn hard. He has that Super Bowl ring but is pretty much an after thought for the New York media because he’s aloof and tucks his damn jersey into a pair of perfectly pressed khakis. The Jets and Giants sent team reps to Bryant Park today for some “We Care” event and the media was able to get Eli next to Mark Sanchez. The results weren’t pretty.

Think of the successful New York football quarterbacks. Y.A. Tittle had swag thanks to a killer name and the bloody head photo. Namath: goes without saying. Simms: enough style to hang & a ring to solidify his greatness.

Then there comes Eli who looks like he’s preparing for his senior year at a Mississippi high school. “Oh, paw, let’s get a milkshake after tonight’s game.”

But the ring will carry him through life. Through the moments when a tucked in jersey would make a ringless Eli Manning a laughingstock.

It would just be nice if maybe he mixed it up a bit and wore a $180 pair of jeans and let the jersey breeze a little bit.

Just once.

[HT: @Giants]



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