UFC Busted Faces In Honor Of UFC 134


In case you didn’t realize via the ads running on Busted Coverage, UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami happens tomorrow night in Rio. Yep, Dana has expanded the brand into South America. Anyway,  in honor of this big night we have 10 of the bloodiest, most busted faces in recent UFC memory. Clearly we won’t be able to include every nasty, messed up face in this gallery, so if you have your own, feel free to leave a comment below. Check out the pictures after the JUMP!

Diego Sanchez, UFC 107

This fight seemed like a mismatch from the start. Diego Sanchez took on B.J. Penn in the main event Lightweight Championship and got absolutely destroyed in the fifth round. Sanchez was outweighed by Penn and many thought it was quite a mismatch, but Sanchez was real confident and was seen talking smack across the ring going into the fifth and final round. This was a big mistake and ended up coming back to bite Sanchez in the ass. Penn landed a swift kick to Sanchez’s head, opening him up almost immediately. Smelling blood, Penn pounded the wound causing Sanchez to bleed until you couldn’t even recognize him anymore. The referee had no choice but to end the fight and Penn walked out of the ring as the Lightweight Champion. Sanchez walked out with a lot less blood than he had walking in.

Caol Uno, UFC 34

Caol Uno got totally and utterly destroyed by B.J. Penn in UFC 34. Uno was lighter than Penn and just seemed to never stand a chance. In fact, he stood almost no chance at all. Penn hit him early and hit him hard and Uno was knocked out by way of a nasty Penn punch only 11 seconds in to the first round. Look at that face post fight. I am getting sore just looking at it.

Marcus Davis, UFC 118

I feel bad for Marcus Davis after looking at these pictures. The dude didn’t even look like a human being after this fight. He took on Nate Diaz in a Welterweight fight at UFC 118, and although the fight ended in a submission late in the third round, Davis took a serious beating throughout this fight. I knew that guys faces could swell after taking punches for three rounds, but Davis looks straight up disfigured in this post-fight picture. You gotta give the guy props for lasting almost three full rounds while getting whooped like this, but coming out of a fight looking like Sloth from The Goonies is never a good thing for a UFC fighter.

Special Mention: Mark Hominick, UFC 129

Special Mention: Stefan Struve, UFC 99

Special Mention: Marvin Eastman, UFC 43

Special Mention: Joe Stevenson, UFC 80

Special Mention: Chris Lytle, UFC 86

Special Mention: Jon Fitch, UFC 87

Special Mention: Tank Abbott, UFC 45

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