Scunthorpe Fan Digs For Gold Last Night Vs. Newcastle [Video]


Just a couple days after catching FC Bayern nose picker jamming his finger up the nostril highway, we get Scunthorpe (yeah, we have no idea where that is) giving himself a ram job. Seriously, watch this video until you puke and report back. Most watches without puking just might win a prize. We’ll know you’re lying if you say 20 or more because it’s impossible.

You disgust us, Scunthorpe.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: This went down last night in the Scunthorpe vs. Newcastle match. Nose digger went home disappointed because his team lost 2-1.

Climax of Video: The slow-mo really captures just how far nose picker went with that finger. When you get the nostril coiling from the pressure of upwards force, that’s some serious ramming.

Conclusion: That’s it, one more view and the cereal comes back up. What a complete pig.

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