German Olympic Hopeful Gesa Krause Gets High Heel Ban [Photos]


From time to time we’ll cruise the Euro newspapers to figure out what crazy nonsense they’ve come up with lately and today we just happen to meet teen Olympic hopeful Gesa Krause. She’s 19, competes in steeplechase and has much, much desire to compete in the London Games. But it’ll take great amounts of practice and she’ll have to adhere to very strict rules from her coach. Like, no high heels. No clubbing.

Hang with us, the Google German-to-English translations can be tricky.

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And now at 19 years, where others may long since the catwalk in high heels, Gesa is looking forward to the ditch in the 3000-meter steeplechase in the world championships in Daegu (South Korea, from 27 August).

“High heels are banned,” coach Wolfgang Heinig reveals (60) and said: “Gesas feet are their capital.The late consequences of all this fashion stuff is still not clear. “So has the 1.67 meter tall and 49 kg delicate Abiturientin (grade point average of 2.1) without grumbling canvas shoes without heels.

Wolfgang has also banned Gesa from clubs, parties, junk food and beer tents.

See, kids, making the Olympics isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being German, not being able to hit the clubs is like a Pakistani being waterboarded. It’s true torture.

We don’t blame Wolfgang. One wrong step on a heel and the hard work is wasted. Not that stepping off a curb can’t do the same, but Wolfgang doesn’t want to take chances. This guy is obviously the future of women’s

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