Cuervo Girls Sad To See Kevin Love Lose 1st Volleyball Match [Photos]


Our friends at Taylor Strategy (P.R. barons that you get to know once you become a blogging conglomerate like BC) send word today that Kevin Love’s professional volleyball debut didn’t go as planned yesterday. To be honest, we didn’t even think Love would go through with the plan to play on the Jose Cuervo Volleyball circuit.

But there he was yesterday on Manhattan Beach impressing the Cuervo Girls.

This is the dispatch from Taylor rep Kelly:

Alongside Stolfus, Love proved that his athletic chops go far beyond the basketball court as he took to the sand against opponents John Hyden and Sean Scott. Although Love and Stolfus will not be advancing to the next round of play, both put forth a strong effort against the number-one seed in this weekend’s tournament.  Scott/Hyden won in two games with a score of 21-16 in the first and 21-15 in the second.

Not sure how this tournament action plays out, but in our day you went to the loser’s bracket and had to play like 15 games before facing the winner’s bracket. Times must be changing because it sounds like Love is heading home to do whatever Kevin Love does with his free time.

Guys, this is no joke. Watch the video and tell us this guy couldn’t leave the NBA for a future on the Cuervo tour. Slamming shots into opponent’s faces. Rocket jump serve. Winning tournaments. Hoisting Cuervo Girls on his shoulders. Could happen. Your move, NBA.

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