Cubs Fan Breaks Out McLovin 69 Jersey [Photo]


A special thanks goes out to @R_BIZZLE_DJ for having his eyes open yesterday at Wrigley where he spotted McLovin 69 during a lovely Chicago afternoon. Just when you think the iconic McLovin has finally faded into the history of great post-teen movie characters, some drunk goes and gets a personalized jersey as a tribute to the Superbad bad ass.

What drives a man to the McLovin 69 stage of life? The lack of a wife/girlfriend? A desire for ridiculous amounts of alcohol? Knowledge that women hate you and it doesn’t matter how offending your jersey is, she’s still not talking to you?

It’s hard to say, but Cubs fan isn’t alone in his fandome. American sports fans have a fascination with Fogell all these years later (released in 2007).

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