Black Guy Robs Virginia Bank While Wearing Canucks Hat [Cuff ‘Em]


This should be one of the easiest cases in police detective history. Since beginning this Baseball Cap Bank Robbers series there has yet to be a black dude wearing a hockey team hat while robbing a bank. And as if that isn’t strange enough, a black dude robbing a Virginia bank while wearing a Vancouver Canucks hat, to boot. True, you can’t really see the logo, but the media is sure that says Canucks. 

From the Daily Progress:

A suspected bank robber made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from Union First Market Bank on Ivy Road, Albemarle County police said Thursday.

Witnesses told police that the suspect entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding cash along with a threat of bodily harm.

Police do not yet know whether the suspect had a gun.

The suspect did not brandish a weapon, said Sgt. Darrell Byers, but the implication was there.

“I believe he stated to the clerk that … ‘If you don’t give me the money, then I’ll shoot you,’” Byers said. “So there’s an implication that there may have been a firearm involved.”

No Canadian accent reported, so figure that he’s not on an internship in town via his college classes at the University of British Columbia.

Here’s your chance, Busted Coverage Nation. If you live in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and see a black dude wearing a Canucks cap be very careful. Call cops immediately or if you are afraid to turn in your bro and want us to do it, just email.

[Man robs bank on Ivy Road]

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