World’s Worst Beer Thief Finally Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]


Florida fuzz have finally busted the case of the World’s Worst Beer Thief wide open thanks to some old fashioned tactics. Which were? Not sure. Anyway, this beer thievery went down back in April and the sheriff’s department had been investigating ever since. Complete waste of tax dollars? Probably, but this is Florida where commonsense is thrown out the window. Here is the 27-year-old moron – Juan Luis.

According to the Fox Tampa Bay affiliate:

Polk deputies have arrested a suspect who they say was caught on surveillance video stealing beer from a convenience store back in April.

The suspect was seen on video running out of the store, then tripping and spilling the stolen beer before getting into a nearby getaway car.

The man on the video was 27-year-old Juan Luis Gutierrez, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies arrested him today.

Just think of the all kinds of suck this is for Juan. The ridicule. The video. The shame. The lost beer. The humiliation of not having the cash to buy two 18-packs. The arrest. At least he’ll always be known as the World’s Worst Beer Thief. Maybe get a spot on TruTV.

Good work, Florida cops. Another punk taken down.

[Video – World’s Worst Beer Thief]

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