Deal Or No Deal’s Marie-Pier Morin Works On Rangers Brandon Prust [Photos]


Most of you have never heard of Brandon Prust because hockey remains a doormat sport for us American TV viewers. But in New York, where he plays for the Rangers, this guy made some waves in March when the tabloids went nuts over a possible Prust-Michelle Trachtenberg tryst. Word on the street was that Prust’s girlfriend, Marie-Pier Morin, was devastated. False alarm.

That’s her rubbing B’s leg – this summer.

Page Six thought the WAG Mastercard was being pulled out of Morin’s (former Canadian Deal or No Deal girl) hands, but look who has had the last laugh.

Brandon Prust has been caught red-lipped. After we reported yesterday that he’s been getting cozy with “Gossip Girl” star Michelle Trachtenberg, his beautiful girlfriend of a year, Marie-Pier Morin, who’s now in Canada, burst into tears, our source said. “He makes out with other girls all the time, like all the time,” said a different source who’s seen him lock lips with women at Gold Bar and 1Oak. An online forum, “Brandon Prust Sux,” delves into his alleged numerous romantic exploits.

Chill out, Jersey Chasers. The PIM machine (160 in 82 games this year) seems to be perfectly fine with his French Canadian chick. She’s kinda famous in Montreal, has appeared on a few cooking shows and does some modeling. The Quebec-ers in the crowd might be able to tell us more, but all the links on Google send us to weird French sites that drive us nuts.

A quick glance at the Twitter accounts from both camps reveal that Prust even let his dad take this infamous pic of Morin giving the rub job.

My dad snapped this pic, me getting a massage from @maripiermorin after a long weeks work! #sorelegs

Are you French-Canadian and capable of telling us – in English – about why Morin is famous? Email us.



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