Damn Trash Truck Spilling Packers Playbook In My Yard Again [Video]

Don’t go crazy, Packers fan, your preseason playbook from the Arizona game is back in safe hands with the Waste Management company. They are so sorry that one of their trucks mistakenly spilled the books into the Green Bay streets Monday morning. Again, don’t freak out. BC has checked eBay and the pages have yet to show up for auction. All clear on the Green Bay Craigslist, too.

Fox Green Bay has all the details.

“I was just running radar here on (Highway) 57 here — Riverside Drive — and noticed a Waste Management truck going southbound and a  bunch of papers flying out of the back of his truck,” the Brown County sheriff’s deputy said.

Posted: Aug. 22, 2011

Premise of Video: Trash truck drives down the road and the Super Bowl champion Packers playbook starts flying out the back. Everyone literally freaks out because preseason playbooks could get in the wrong hands.

Climax of Video: There really isn’t one.

Conclusion: How the hell didn’t that broadcaster slip in a Brett Favre reference at the end. What a horrible wasted opportunity. Total shame.