Tommy Tuberville’s $1.7m Lake Martin House Still For Sale [BC Pad Purveyors]

Tommy Tuberville’s final season as the head coach at Auburn was a complete disaster. It was 2008, just four years removed from a 13-0 campaign and his team laid an egg with a 5-7 record and no bowl game. He was promptly run out of town and some loser coach named Gene Chizik was brought in. Tubs landed at Texas Tech but a big part of him was still sitting in Alabama, specifically on Lake Martin. A giant, million-dollar house still belongs to Tommy. It’s STILL on the market two years later.

Lake Martin is where buy a house when you’ve got the world by the balls. Tommy purchased himself a big one and, as we all know these days, the biggins’ are the hardest ones to unload.

Tuberville’s Pain in the Ass Pad:

• 6 bed, 6 bath

• 6,000 sq. ft. (not making this up – lots of 6s)

• The address is 656 Marina

• 734′ of waterfront

• Big ‘ol pool

• 2 laundry rooms

• 2 big ‘ol living rooms

• In other words, plenty of space to diagram football plays

Tommy just dropped the price by $51,000 on July 6. The original listing price was $2,375,00o.

Mortgage Calculator: $1,700,000 = $7,000 with taxes on a 30-year fixed with 20% down.

[Buy Tommy Tuberville’s House – Zillow]