Plenty Of Good Seats, Personal Beer Vendors At Today’s Marlins-Reds Game


John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer this afternoon tweeted a shot from Joe Robbie of another epic Marlins-Reds late August tilt. True, Hurricane Irene is nearing the area, but is expected to just bring nasty winds and rain – nothing too damaging. However, a combination of Irene fears & another sunny afternoon kept the loyal Marlins fans away.

Fay & his cohorts counted 250 fans in attendance for the anthem. A late surge put the crowd at 300. But the good news is that the Marlins brass is expecting plenty more people for the second game of this doubleheader. Maybe 800-900 will show, really putting a strain on the 3 beer vendors.

Don’t forget, the Marlins get a new home next season. It’ll be the smallest park in the majors.

[Florida Marlins Actually Constructing Upper Deck In New Ballpark]


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