Memphis Security Guard Busts Out MMA Moves On Moron [Video]


You know this dude was just waiting for an excuse to use his Muay Thai moves on some moron. This week, an off-duty Memphis Area Transit Authority guard known as “Karate” in local MMA circles got his chance. Fortunately, someone was there to catch it on video.

ABC 24 sent its reporter to a local MMA club where fighters analyzed the video.

“Watch it,” he says. “Inside leg kick. Check out the hook.  You see the hook? You see the hook? Look at the upper cut.”

Hall says right away he could tell the guard was well-trained.

“The suspect had his hands down and the guard had his hands up,” says Hall, “and that right there should have told him, I don’t want to mess with this guy.”

Miller says Turner picked a fight with the wrong guard.

“He didn’t know who he was fighting with,” he says. “No, he didn’t know who he was fighting with.”

Posted: August 23, 2011

Premise of Video: Two dudes get in a fight after one confronts the other for harassing women outside a bus terminal in downtown Memphis. Turns out one of the guys is an off-duty security guard and knows Muay Thai.

Climax of Video: Morgan Turner, who starts the fight, takes several punches to the head and a knee to the face, proving that Karate is the world’s baddest rent-a-cop.

Conclusion: If you’re going to get in a fight don’t get in a fight with someone who obviously knows what they’re doing. If you are a rent-a-cop and think you could destroy Karate, step up. Email us and we’ll work our sources to make it happen.

[HT: ABC24]

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