Erin Andrews Meeting Taylor Swift Photobombed By Scrub [Photo]


Taylor Swift brought her creamy tunes to Los Angeles last night and it just happened that Erin Andrews found time from her busy college football duties to meet her hero. If you follow Pageviews on Twitter, it was kinda a live-tweet-fest last night. (What do they call it when a cougar has a crush on a 21-year-old female pseudo-country singer?) Anyway, usually we don’t realize how old EA is looking and then she gets next to a chick who isn’t wrinkling.

Anyway, still efforting who the short chick is. Must be one of Erin’s girlfriends because she’s looking a little old herself. Look, a three-way and we’re watching. Until that happens, the scrub has to get the boot on this photo. Give us the two six-footers hugging it out, or something.

Other highlights of the night – Justin Bieber and Kurt Warner making fun of Pageviews. Jesus, we feel old.

Not gonna lie..screamed like i was 7..RT @kurt13warner: @ErinAndrews How old are you? You sound like my 10yr old… Just saying! LOL


[Go here to test your hearing – YouTube]

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