Bama’s NS4W Rapping Freestyler: Introducing G-Redneck [Video]


There are individuals, if they continue to amaze us, who go from obscurity to instant Internet star via their football team affiliation. Couple years ago it was Bama fan ‘Cowboy’ who would sit in his Tenn. double-wide and proclaim that “Alabama gonna whoop that ass.” His fame is dwindling so it’s time for new talent.

Say hello to a Busted Coverage World Exclusive – introducing Bama’s F-Bombing Freestyler, G-Redneck. We’re taking this bitch straight to the top of the charts.

G-Redneck goes by ‘Bama on his YouTube videos, but our management team will soon be in contact with him to notify that there is an official name change. Something a little more catchy. G-Redneck has been hooked up recently with some bro named Petro and they’ve started to do freestyle videos. That’s how we ran into this character. To say we were mesmerized is an understatement.

NS4W – you’ve been warned.

Posted: Aug. 22, 2011

Premise of Video: Petro takes control of the floor but soon cedes the imaginary mic to G-Redneck who has pent-up lyrics busting at the seams. Notice how G-Redneck controls the mic. The precision. The rhymes. The thug attitude. The Bama shirt.

Climax of Video: It’s all so over the top and tasty like a marinated mushroom.

Conclusion: Guaranteed stardom for G-Redneck as long as the videos continue to roll off the presses. We’re also advising G that dropping Petro from the act would be in his best interest. Oh, and we totally want a freestyle about the football team.

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