Trey Bozeman Is Dropping Bombs: BC All-American Sledgehammer Team [Video]

ESPN crackpot Craig James now has an official award over at the WWL so it comes with great excitement that Busted Coverage announces that we’ll have an award, too, this football season. It’s aptly called “Busted Coverage’s All-American Sledgehammer Team.” But the difference between BC and all the other award dorks out there, we will honor late hits, head hunting, illegal blocks below the knees, etc.

And this team will encompass all age ranges. Our first team member is – Trey Bozeman.

Posted: Aug. 22, 2011

Premise of Video: We’re kicking off the 2011 Sledgehammer series with a Mississippi sophomore at Tri-County High School. Trey Bozeman plays safety and has all the intangibles to be included on this elite squad of football players. In this video we get two hits that have instantly sent his stock rising.

Climax of Video: The end when Trey absolutely unloads on a wide receiver who learned a football lesson.

Conclusion: This is what the Sledgehammer Team is all about. Maybe an illegal hit or two? We don’t care. Bodies must hit the turf. Bozeman takes his shoulder and turns it into a missile. Such raw talent. Your move, Houston Nutt.

Does your kid belong on the Busted Coverage All-American Sledgehammer Team? Tell us about him and send along his YouTube resume.

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