Titans’ Fullback Patrick Hill Gets Rookie Hazing Treatment [Morning Twitpic]

Someone alert Roger Gooddell. We’ve got some hazin’ goin’ on at Titans training camp & Jack Del Rio’s head is about to blast into orbit. Yeah, Del Rio doesn’t coach this team, but he dislikes (hates) NFL rookie hazing. Same with Jason Garrett from the Cowboys. Someone’s going to get hurt or be scared for life. Um, that’s some serious bullshit. Look at Titans’ fullback Patrick Hill, yesterday, after practice. Doesn’t look like he minded the plastic wrap & ice bath.

The guy is an undrafted free agent. This might be the highlight of his NFL career. This photo gets passed around. He gets his 15 minutes of Internet fame and tells it at backyard BBQs for life.

Kudos to the Titans for keeping tradition alive and for Hill not pressing charges or trying to fight his teammates for the shaming.

Know of some NFL rookie shaming we should know about? Send it in. Pics, stories, etc.

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