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Old Scooter Coot Road Rage On Soccer Ref [Video]

Look at this Dutch soccer geezer going road rage on some dorkwad soccer ref after a FC Oss 4-3 loss to Almere City the other night. What’s with old people these days. So damn arrogant with their electric powered scooters. Feeling all empowered by 3 horsepower engines. You know the old coots.

The guy here is no different than old coot at Target who’ll blast through end caps to beat you to a Black Friday deal. This must stop – NOW!

Posted: Aug. 21, 2011

Premise of Video: FC Oss just lost 4-3. The ref handed out 6 yellows to the home team. Old coot loses his mind.


Conclusion: Raiders and 49ers fan are now fighting over who’ll take the old coot in the old coot supplemental fan draft. Schefter confirms the Raiders are talking 4th round.

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