LeBron James Jumps Off 10m Barcelona Olympics Diving Platform [Photos]

Shockingly it has been two days since LeBron James jumped 10 meters into the pool where diving competitions were held during the 1992 Olympics without a peep from mainstream reporters. TMZ broke the ice today with two photos of The King on the platform. A Youtube video also surfaced, showing James waiting three minutes without jumping while a DJ spinned tunes.

What’s this all about? Nike built a basketball court over the pool. It was an exhibition. Seriously.

LeBron’s right-hand man Maverick Carter was in on the diving fun, too.

@KingJames and I just jumped off the 10meter platform in Barcelona Spain where the 92 Olympic diving was held!

As for the basketball court, look at the photos and see exactly how that court is hanging over the pool.

James hasn’t tweeted since Sunday – the day he made the platform jump.

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