Fulham’s Philippe Senderos: Joey Barton Is Going To Come In Your Face [Video]

Earlier today ESPN Soccer Net threw us a bone by posting this video of their interview with Fulham FC’s¬†Philippe Senderos. Of course the U.S. version of the WWL would never upload a video such as this to YouTube. But Soccer Net did and is having a chuckle over Senderos slipping in a sexual reference. Let’s hear Matthew Stafford referencing Suh “coming in Cutler’s face.” Not happening, but would be a huge highlight in U.S. TV history.


Posted: Aug. 23, 2011

Premise of Video: Senderos is a badass defender in the English Premier League, which, for you Americans means he plays soccer pretty damn well. Joey Barton is a cat who scores a bunch of goals for Newcastle United, which is also in the EPL. Here he is talking about defending Barton.

Climax of Video: “Come in your face!” And the crowd goes wild. That chick host looks like she’s ready to drop trou any second and earn her WAG union card.

Conclusion: If he hadn’t said, “he’s going to come in your face” and the other two cheeky bastards hadn’t started laughing heartily, we may not have noticed.

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