Florida Punk Selling Fake Babe Ruth Balls To Pawn Shops [Cuff ‘Em]

Florida authorities, as if they aren’t busy enough with retards having naked cocktail hours, have themselves a 40-year-old pawn shop fraudster. The ruse was to sell fake Babe Ruth autographed baseballs and include a fake authentication piece of paper with each sale. Marc A. Szakaly was popped last week for this ripoff campaign and cops say this scheme was fairly elaborate. This garbage wouldn’t have gone down if the shop owner called Rick Harrison at Pawn Stars.

Via the Marco News:

A Largo pawn shop first notified local police after learning it had purchased a forged Babe Ruth baseball and fake certificate of authentication.

“The pawn shop had paid $1,500 to the guy,” said Lt. Michael Loux with Largo Police, who said a new buyer wanted the ball authenticated before purchase. A company called Professional Sports Authenticators determined that autograph was a fake.

Loux said Szakaly used his real name and thumbprint in each of the 35 cases Largo police connected. He used the same fake certificate of authentication with each of the forged balls and sold them for $1,500 to $3,000 a piece.

Wait, so the pawn shop bought the ball before calling in the experts? WTF is that all about. Rick Harrison would laugh in your face. As we all know, you call in the expert, get his/her opinion and then start negotiating. What a joker this pawn shop owner must be.

And how great is it that 35 other pawn shops fell for the same crap. Losers. Even Chumlee knows better.

[Man accused of selling bogus Babe Ruth balls arrested in Pasco County]

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