36 Worst Sports-Related Earthquake Tweets From 2011 East Coast Rumbler

It couldn’t have happened at a better time of day on a Tuesday. Just after lunch. East Coast. Bored workers wasting company time on Twitter. BOOM! Earthquake. Instantly there were thousands of comedians on Twitter who, if they are sports fans, had a quip or two about an athlete and the quake. Albert Haynesworth was a favorite target. So was Bartolo Colon. Sabathia. Rex Ryan. Normally we highlight the best tweets. Not today. The worst of the worst! 

If you made the list don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there. You hit ‘Tweet’ and think it’s a good one. Real witty. Going to receive a few RTs. Some chuckles. And then it becomes apparent that the tweet was a total bomb.

Here are 36 of the worst sports-related tweets we could find from the hour after bedlam struck NYC, DC and the coast.

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