Off-Duty Indy Cops Claim Crazy Football Dad Bit Them [Cuff ‘Em]

It’s that time of year when super football dad changes out of his baseball dad khakis and into his jersey/backwards hat/stopwatch/video camera outfit. You know the guy. He’s the one who uploads YouTube greatest hits videos of his son with the hope that Bob Stoops is watching. He’s the guy who plays Madden with his son and they “talk football” at the dinner table. Meet 27-year-old DeJuan Wells. Dude went nuts Saturday at his son’s practice & eventually bit two cops.

From some Indianapolis i-Team:

Indianapolis police said DeJuan Wells, 27, bit two off-duty police officers, one female and one male, while they were trying to take him into custody.”He wouldn’t let go,” the female officer said.

The officers said when Wells became upset over a call toward the end of the game, he started yelling, swearing and storming toward the referees.The officers said they were trying to be supportive parents and that Wells became violent after being told to leave the field, police said.The undercover officers said they had to think quickly to gain control of the situation.”I don’t have a vest. I don’t have my gun belt, which has handcuffs, extra ammunition, a Taser. I don’t have any of my equipment,” the male undercover officer said.

Um, choke his ass out. Like quit being pussy cops and slam his head into the turf. Right in front of his kid. Both will learn a lesson. C’mon, Indy cops.

Folks, we really are screwed as Americans when a guy can go Mike Tyson on two cops and those cops don’t respond with a serious ass whoopin’, especially from the chick officer. And the male cop blames the lack of extra ammunition for his inability to take this punk out? Like, sleeper hold?

Do you know a bad football parent? Are you a bad football parent? Do you upload videos of your son’s football hits on YouTube? We want to hear from you.

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[Police: Parent Bites Cops At Youth Football Game]


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