Nevin Shapiro & The U Shirts Are Now A Cottage Industry [Photos]

A new cottage industry has sprung up — t-shirts making fun of the University of Miami and former booster Nevin Shapiro, who outed the Hurricanes for blatant NCAA rule violations.

Obviously, fans of the other Florida schools are reveling in The U’s problems. In Miami, they aren’t quite as pleased.

The latest entry in the t-shirt game is the Nevin Shapiro number, designed specifically with Hurricanes fans in mind. The description at reads as follows.

Fresh from our guys at Bad Boys Of The 80s, the “Snitches Tee” – for that snitching, stool pigeon, scumbag, jailbird rat, Nevin Shapiro. Rakontur’s Billy Corben turned us on to the new tee, so we made a point to get it in stock due to popular demand. This worn-in, comfy tee is a double middle finger to the corrupt NCAA and that steaming pile of human garbage rotting in an Atlanta prison. This tee might not be for everybody, but there was a big outcry for it and to those who see it as therapy, here you go. Go Canes. U Family. Keep the faith.

Cross your fingers should be more like it.

Cross your fingers and hope you don’t get the death penalty.

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