FC Bayern Fan Picks Nose, Eats It During 5-0 Hamburg Blowout [Video]

One intrepid YouTube vlogger was on his game yesterday during the 5-0 FC Bayern destruction of Hamburg SV. First, you have to be a serious fan to stick with such a blowout, and second, you have to be watching these matches very closely to score Bayern Nose Picker (who then takes that finger and puts it directly in his mouth). Would we love to bring you more 49ers vs. Raiders fan fights instead? Yes, but at this point we’re tired of Mexicans fighting each other for no reason

Posted: Yesterday!

Premise of Video: Pretty much gotcha that info above. This one is pretty much self-explanatory unless you are blind and then this will fly right over your head.

Climax of Video: Lunch is served!

Conclusion: Would one of you nose pickers out there explain why the boog has to go into the mouth? Tell us what that tastes like. Share your tales with us.


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