Bikini Model Maryeve Dufault Drives Like A Canadian Woman [GALLERY!]

Way back in July we broke the news to the blogosphere that a bikini model named Maryeve Dufault would make her NASCAR Nationwide debut Saturday in Montreal. Of course she did and her performance went just about how you’d expect a road course to go for a former bikini model in her rookie Nationwide road course debut. Ever wondered how a bikini model gets her car turned around on a scary turn? You’re about to find out!

Just 14 laps into the race, Dufault decides to use reverse in her Nationwide car instead of turning the wheels and gunning it. Not that we’ve ever done such a manuever, honey, but we’d know better than getting in this mess.


Meanwhile, Trevor Bayne, who suffered a flat tire from her dumb brunette move, suffered a flat tire. He’s yet to complain via Twitter. Stay tuned for that one.

Bayne finished 23rd. Dufault came back strong to get a Top-30 finish.

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